A guide on how to write cover letter

A cover letter can be your biggest tool in landing an interview. While your cover letter will not secure a job for you, it should at the very least be able to get your foot in the door.

Writing a cover letter is not a difficult task. It should be a concise, to the point letter that is no longer than one page. The main purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself to the company, and to obtain an interview.

There are several key points that you need to keep in mind while writing a dynamite cover letter:

  • Tell the reader what position you are applying for
  • Make the reader want to learn more about you
  • Coincides appropriately with your resume
  • Show your personality
  • Prove to the reader that you are capable and knowledgeable
It is important to send a cover letter out with every resume. What good does a resume do the hiring manager? Sure they will be able to see your experience and qualifications, but they want to know more about you and how you express yourself.

When writing your cover letter keep in mind who you are writing to. You can write three kinds of cover letters: One for an advertised opening, one to introduce yourself to a company as a cold-contact letter, or a letter in which you mention someone from your network.

A letter for an advertised opening is the most common type. Most of the jobs that you apply for will be open positions in which the hiring manager is expecting replies.

A cold-contact letter is one in which you send an introduction to the hiring manager asking if they have any opening, or any need for your services. Some companies have openings available, but do not advertise for them.

A network cover letter is a letter you send to the hiring manger of a company that one of your network members works for. In the letter you can mention the name of your contact and that they suggested you writing to them.