Airline Pilot Cover Letter Tips

When you are looking for work as an airline pilot, a great cover letter can be a huge asset. In this article, we'll briefly review some cover letter tips, including suggestions for what to put in each paragraph.

General Tips and Introductory Section

Some general advice applies to any cover letter, not just those for pilots. Make sure you do some research on the company beforehand and know exactly who you are sending the letter to. Never address a cover letter "To Whom It May Concern." Try to use the precise name of the person you're sending the letter to. If you are unable to find out a name, address the letter to "Hiring Manager."

Begin the letter with a header containing your name and all contact information. This includes your physical address, email address, home phone and cell phone. The header is usually on the upper left side of the page, but it can be centered as well. Following the header, put a space and then today's date. After another space, put a block of information for the person the letter is addressed to, including his or her title and physical address. This block is to be put on the upper left-hand side.

After a space, put your salutation and then begin the letter proper.

First Paragraph

This is where you "hook" the reader. You should not only express interest in the job but also give a reason the recruiter would be interested in hiring you. A sample first sentence might read, "As an experienced commercial pilot with over 3000 hours of flight time, I was very interested to hear of your open position." If you have been referred by an employee or somebody the recruiter knows, mention that name here. A good referral is a very powerful tool.

Keep this opening paragraph brief but focused. Lay a strong foundation for the rest of the letter.

The Body

Now you must build on the foundation set up in the first paragraph by providing concrete examples of your skills and experience. The body of the letter is usually one large paragraph, but two can be used. Never use more than two paragraphs. Your resume will provide further details. For the body of a pilot cover letter, it is recommended that you use a bullet format to draw attention to your qualifications.

Here are some examples of brief but powerful bullet points you might use:

  • Have logged over a thousand hours flying the 737 model
  • Have flown for six years with World Aviation without an accident
  • Have also flown in the military and was promoted for outstanding duty in (Name Country)
  • Have been licensed as a mechanic on several different models.

The Conclusion

In the last paragraph, you wrap everything up. Restate your strong interest in the position and try to insert one more reminder of your skills and experience. You may want to say something like, "I can make a strong contribution to your growing company." Thank the recruiter for his or her interest and sign off with a professional closing such as "Respectfully yours." Make certain you proofread the letter carefully and correct mistakes.

You can find some great examples of pilot cover letters here:,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,21/Itemid,112.html.