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Dear Mr./Ms. Last _____,

I saw the job posting for studio assistant in The Arts, our local publication for artists and those who love art.

My background in art and art history makes me a good candidate for the position, and I am quite sure that I would be an excellent studio assistant. At the present time I am working at the nearby art gallery which has given me a lot of exposure to the art community and to many local artists and artisans. The creative process of bringing art to the masses has been quite a challenge but one I have enjoyed. My natural enjoyment of people helps me get along with almost all personality types and allows me to provide excellent customer care, the types of activities I would be involved with in your firm.

I would like the chance to make a contribution to your art design firm on the business side of art. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and others at the design firm to discuss my qualifications. Perhaps there might be a time when we can meet next week. I will call to see if this can be arranged next week. Thank you so much for considering my application.