Bank Teller Sample Cover Letter

A bank teller cover letter has to provide information about the applicant's skills. Getting your application noticed as a standout application is the primary issue. Always draft a letter before attempting to write any cover letter. You need to be able to assess the quality of your information. You'll also need to check that it addresses the job application effectively. Make a list of all points you want to include:

  1. Set up a basic business letter format as a draft.
  2. List each piece of information as a subject.
  3. Write a basic draft using your list, and check it.

Content issues

Bank teller jobs may be similar, but it's the added job skills, experience, and qualifications that create success. Content must be tailored to clearly match the specific requirements of the position. If you have a look at your draft, how much of it is directly relevant to the job? What isn't, and why? You'll need to adjust the letter to cover any missing points and remove irrelevant materials. A bank teller's job may involve:

  • Business banking
  • Inquiries
  • Customer complaints
  • Financial products of the bank
  • Accounts work
  • Administration work

Essential criteria

You have to cover all bases in your cover letter. Don't rely on your resume or CV to do that for you. Your experience and qualifications don't necessarily explain you have all the essential skills. The reader may miss information. It's best to include appropriate information which shows clearly you have those essential skills.

This type of information can easily be fitted in to your cover letter. Your prior experience will spell out very effectively your essential skills.  Your list of points, which will have already covered some of them, can also be adapted to show examples of your skills. These are common essential skills:

  • Communications
  • Customer services skills
  • System operator experience
  • Data entry/ database management

When addressing essential skills, use the exact same terms as those used in advertisement. These are keywords, and your letter may be pre-screened by computer scans prior to assessment by the interview panel.

Unique selling points

Your letter needs to show superior skills and competencies. The is the "unique selling points" approach. This is a marketing exercise, and you need to show you're the right choice of applicant compared to others. These are the unique points that will get you the job. Advanced essential skills, and high value adding with additional skills are examples of good unique selling points. Use awards like Employee of the Month and other defining descriptions to emphasize skill values.

Writing the cover letter

  • Keep it simple. You can always add more, but untangling sentences and trying to fit things in can be a problem.  Don't waste time or space. The clearer the message, the more successful you'll be.
  • Check everything for content, spelling and grammar. The presentation of information, if faulty, can count against you.