Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Cover Letter Tips

In a generation cluttered with excellence, a great clinical nurse cover letter will easily land you a clinical nurse specialist job with the medical institution of your choice. It has never been a better time to be a nurse. There will never be a shortage of people in desperate need of your expertise. Know for sure however, that all nursing jobs are different. Your excellent cover letter could easily be the reason for a more coveted position, salary and overall work experience. In this study, you will find many cover letter success keys along with pitfalls to avoid. This cover letter will show that you have the ability to communicate effectively with authority and most importantly your patients in an uncommon, caring fashion.

First and foremost go to and search for the job or location that truly births a passion within you. Once you find this location, call them directly and find the person you should address your cover letter to. This will make your cover letter targeted and personal. If you do not know a name of a particular addressee, you need to find one. Never write to whom it may concern. It concerns a particular individual whose name you can find. Remember, you are in demand and your job search will be short. You must go the extra mile. No exceptions! 

Now that you have addressed your cover letter to the correct recipient, identify the problem you are going solve for the company. Show that you understand clearly the reality of this issue and the need for it to be met head on. You are the solution to every unsolved issue the company may have. Do they lack a smooth health care delivery system for patients? You are the solution to enhance this department. You are the product full of knowledge! As a clinical nurse, make it clear that you are an expert regarding laboratory medicine. Touch briefly on the fact you also understand patients rights. Make a short list of your education and training along with your previous work history. Keep in mind that your resume is attached. Keep it short and simple only touching on a few achievements. Have you studied under a well known physician? List his name. If you are new to the field, your hands-on training is just as effective. Make it clear that you are applying to this medical institution because of its excellence. Let them know your presence will only enhance an already great name. Never discuss what the company can do for you monetarily. Simply claim you clearly understand that your life will be enhanced substantially. 

Lastly, prep the company for the interview. Take control by making it crystal clear this is the only company you are focusing on at this moment (which is the truth). You are excited to meet this person face to face. Make it clear that you are excited to submit to authority and follow protocol. Protocol will take you further than genius. This cover letter coupled with your resume has guaranteed you employment. You are a force who must be employed. Congratulations!