Cover Letter Format

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Employer Contact Name (if you have this information)
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Dear Mr. or Ms. _____ (use only if you have contact name) If you have no name, typeTo Whom It May Concern

In the first sentence, let the employer know what job you are applying for. You don't have to do a heavy sales job in the first paragraph. Keep it light and basic so that it is the first thing that the employer see.

In the second paragraph, this is where you include information on why you are interested in the position and how you found out about it. If you were referred by someone known to the company, mention this information here.

In the third paragraph you can mention what you bring to the position. This is not a rehash of your resume which you will also be sending along, but should bring out your special skills and qualifications in a slightly different way.

In this last paragraph, you should thank the person for their time and for considering you. Here you can mention how you plan to follow up with the prospective employer.

Now you conclude the letter with a closing, such as Sincerely, Respectfully Yours, or something to that effect.

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Type your name here and sign in between the closing and your printed name.