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Dear Hiring Committee,

I was recently laid off from XYZ Corporation and I saw your listing in the Herald. I am very interested in the position of labor organizer and administrative assistant.

My skills include: computer expertise, communications skills, training experience, database manipulation and access, as well as public relations skills and office experience.

My father was a long-time union member and our family enjoyed the many benefits that the union affiliation provided, including health care, discounted eye care, and dental care. In addition, my father union was active in helping needy families within the union family and worked hard to gain 100 per cent employment ratings for many years running. As the only boy in the family, I accompanied my father to work on a number of occasions and saw that the work was very hard but also very rewarding. It was obvious that my father appreciated the friendships that he made while in the union.

Many people today are anti-union and one of the biggest reasons is misunderstanding. They see only the higher wages normally earned by union workers, whereas they do not see that non-union workers who earn less only make it possible for their boss owners to reap even more profit. This is because union contracts are not appreciably higher than non-union contracts. I am also very cognizant of the quality that union work brings because of the rigorous training and adherence to codes and standards. By the time a union worker is fully integrated into the union, his experience and education equals a college education.

As a former union worker myself, I assisted in developing a newsletter that went out to all union families. This method of communication turned into an excellent way of people helping people through the harder times. I was not paid for this work.

As a believer in unions and what they represent, I would welcome an opportunity to educate, explore, and collaborate on projects that help raise consumer understanding of what a union can do and how it helps society.

Thank you for considering my application.



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