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Dear Mr./Ms. Jones,

The position of scientific research assistant posted on interests me and I hope that you will consider me for it. My background in working in laboratory in knowing the appropriate techniques should qualify me for the position.

I graduated with a degree in Chemistry from ABC University as a Dean?s List student. Several of my most important courses were in biochemistry where I excelled in chromatography and other lab areas.

Recently, I have been working at DEF Labs where my education and internship experience have assisted me in making a contribution to this successful and well regarded research laboratory. I am assigned to the biohazard area within the lab and it has been interesting work, as well as making a contribution to worker and societal safety.

My team is also responsible for data analysis and for preparing reports reviewed by the management team. I like being a team member and have excelled in this area.

Thank you so much for considering my application.



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