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Dear Mr./Ms. Jones,

It has come to my attention that you are looking for a transportation planning specialist in the area of biking and pedestrian planning. I have spent the last 10 years in this field of experience.

Some of my accomplishments while working on the pedestrian mall planning project in Indianapolis and also the biking trail project in New Jersey are:

  • Designing a safe configuration of biking trails for New Jersey residents that aid not only in recreation but also as an alternative for automobiles in commuting to work.
  • Helping to pioneer the use of markings and paint to aid users of the trails, nearly eliminating confusion and collisions.
  • Increasing traffic to area retail areas with the addition of a bicycle pathway from the beach to the shopping areas in New Jersey.
  • Making appropriate traffic studies indicating the benefits of the trails.
  • Attending all relevant meetings between the city, county and rural areas while working on the pedestrian mall in Indianapolis.

I am not only a proponent of biking trails and pathways; I myself am a bicycle commuter saving approximately a week in gasoline and all related emissions to the air. Because I have personal experience, this translates into on-the-job expertise that many planners do not have.

Thank you for considering my application.



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