Cover Letter with Resume Included as Attachment

Subject Line of Email: Director of Communications Position

Email Message:

Dear Human Resources Manager,

I saw your posting for Director of Communications and am very interested in the position.

Currently, I am a communications director for the ABC Company and in this capacity I write the company newsletter as well as all other materials for our external audiences. I also encourage submissions from within the company so that the newsletter becomes more interesting to them.

Recently, I assisted a local candidate who was seeking an assemblyman position. I wrote his speeches and assisted with proposed legislative materials, maintained his office correspondence, and did research for him.

My work as a freelance writer writing about labor issues has garnered me a following. You can review my articles that are posted on the web at the following sites:

  • URL Address 1
  • URL Address 2
  • URL Address 3
  • URL Address 4

I have provided writing samples and my resume for your convenience and I hope to hear from you soon.


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Resume: Attach the resume to the e-mail message in Word format. Be sure to do this. It is very easy to send the email and forget the attachment.