Cover lettter Advice

Part 3

Keep in mind that you are not going to be the only applicant for a particular job. A bigger company that has thousands of employees is going to command a high response rate. Also, a high profile job in an industry that everyone wants to join will also command a lot of attention. You need to do something that will set your letter off and raise you above the competition. Follow these tips to make your letter stand out in the crowd.

  • Use bulleted lists that will help to set off your strengths. Bulleted lists allow for the reader to quickly find what they are looking for. If a hiring manager has 100 cover letters and resumes to sift through, yours will stand out because he or she can skim right down to the important points.
  • Add a post script or PS to your letter. This is one final way to get an important nugget of information implanted in the readers mind. If at all possible handwrite the post script. This shows a personal touch.
The main goal of the cover letter is to show your reader that you are unique and well qualified for the position. You need to do something that shows you are head and shoulders above the competition. If you can successfully do this you will be sure to receive more interviews, thus increasing your chance to win your dream job.

Finally, always remember to sign your letter. If you do not, it looks like you are mass mailing resumes in a last ditch attempt to find a job.

Some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Make sure you have the correct address and spelling of the hiring manager's name.
  • Be specific. You have a better chance of getting your resume in the right person's hands if you address it to the right person. Never send a resume to a general human resources address unless the employment ad says to do so.
  • Failing to ask for a meeting or an interview can be detrimental to your chances at landing the job. If you do not do this, it looks like you are only making 'half an attempt.'
  • Even though you are trying to show the reader your skills, make the letter about them. State what you can do for them, not what they can do for you!

Good Luck!