Cover lettter Tips

Part 2

The structure of these three cover letters is very important. It is necessary that the reader be able to follow your letter clearly. Below are some tips to maintain a solid structure.

  • First paragraph should be why you are writing. Introduce yourself!
  • Next, state your qualifications, both academic and professional.
  • Tell the reader why you should get an interview, and why you are right for the job.
  • Request that the reader contacts you. Ask for a meeting.

A couple things that you should always mention and a few things you should never mention.

  • Put great emphasis on the skills that you can bring to the job.
  • Show how college prepared you for the working world. Include relevant classes and/or work experience such as internships and co-ops.
  • Use action verbs that show your positive attributes.
  • NEVER use any negative verbiage in your cover letter. Do not say 'I apologize', this shows the reader that you know you did something wrong.
    • Do not bring up anything that you do not need to! In other words don't write anything to the effect of 'Even though I do not have experience '
    • Do not sound like you absolutely need the job. Sounding desperate puts the company in the position of power.
    • Do not brag on your accomplishments.
    • Write a strong closing paragraph that asks for a meeting or an interview.

    Know that we have the structure down; let's go over the actual content of the cover letter. This is more important than the structure as it is going to introduce your personality to the reader. Some things that you always want to include in your letter are:

    • Show what skills and experience you can bring to the company. Show your positive qualities, and how they will fit in with the structure of the company.
    • Show that you have done your homework. By showing your knowledge of the company and their industry, you are showing that you are already a step above the competition.
    • Customize your letter to match the advertisement. If a company is looking for sales skills, talk up your past sales experience in your cover letter.
    • Be sharp, concise, and to the point with your letter. Do not make the reader search for answers. He or she should be able to find them without looking.