How to write a cover letter for a management position

May 30, 2008
Mr. Thomas Friday
Big Company, Inc.
4300 Griffin Avenue
Anywhere, USA 23884
Dear Mr. Friday,

I am sending you this letter in response to the ad you placed for a Marketing Manager on After reviewing my resume, I think you will find that I am well qualified and have ample experience to fill the position.

Twelve years ago, I graduated from Boston University with a degree in Business Management. I have spent the last twelve years doing managerial work at various companies, as you can see in the work experience section of my resume. I have placed the companies in order from smallest to largest so you can see the range of my experience. I started out with five people working directly under me, and that number grew to well over fifty.

During my time at Tucker and James, Inc., I helped the company increase profits by 43% and our clientele base grew as well. I could not have accomplished this without my wonderful staff, but I do claim responsibility for the growth.

Some other abilities of mine that you should be aware of include:

  • Excellent researching skills. My experience has taught me that without research, a project is far less effective.
  • Strong leadership talent and a good attitude. A company works much better when employees are happy.
  • Proven organization skills and multi-tasking abilities. Timelines are not a problem for me, even when under intense pressure.
  • Open mindedness to new techniques or approaches. I am welcome to suggestions on how to solve problems.

I hope you will consider me for the Marketing Manager position. Please feel free to contact me via the phone number or email address provided on the footer of my resume.