Job Application Cover Letter

An Overview

  • A cover letter is sent with your CV. It can make the difference between being successful in your job search or not.
  • Cover letters are generally not read during the first candidate selection, but usually they will be read when the candidates have been short listed. Do not waste such an opportunity.
  • Always include a cover letter even if the job ad does not specify that one is needed. Occasionally, job ads also specify a hand written cover letter.
  • Your cover letter should not be a copy of your CV. Specify some of your cover letter achievements and be sure you know how to handle Cover Letter weakness. (Uncertain as to what you're trying to say here).
  • A cover letter is a way of showing your writing and reporting skills.
  • Your cover letter should be customised per employer. However, if you are sending a lot of CVs, this task could prove impossible. Try instead to have a cover letter per industry or per area.
  • Do not mention salary in your cover letter. If the job ad requests your expected salary then mention a range rather than a specific amount. For example a range k-k rather than 12k.
More cover letter styles.