Licensed Practical Nurse Job Cover Letter Tips

Writing a cover letter for a licensed practical nurse job is a must. Usually a cover letter is optional. It is absolutely imperative that you have some sort of cover letter when applying for this job. The single most important thing on this cover letter will be a sentence informing the recruiter you are indeed licensed in the particular state you are applying. Now that you understand how important it is to show you are licensed in the state, it is time to create the cover letter which highlights the champion you will become for this company! Pay attention to the common mistakes nurses make on their cover letters and avoid them at all costs. Always remember that a well written nurse cover letter coupled with your resume will serve as the two little hinges that swing the big door of new employment!

First and foremost, you must address your cover letter to a specific individual. This will make your cover letter targeted and personal. If you do not know a name of a particular addressee, you need to find it. If you don't find the name, don't bother to even write a cover letter. In other words, find the name.

The body of your cover letter should be short and simplistic. First and foremost make it clear that you are licensed to practice in this particular state. Once this is clear, explain what you have mastered, for example, record keeping, dosage, administering of medication, first aid, etc. Show that you understand clearly what will be required of you. You are the storehouse of knowledge they seek. Make it clear that you are the licensed nurse seeking to be stretched and challenged with real responsibility. Few people request responsibility so you will stand out. Make it known that you are an expert at interviewing patients in order to determine their medical history. This will imply that you will also understand which vaccines to administer to specific patients. As a licensed practical nurse, your cover letter should highlight your sound knowledge of medical record keeping. Make a short list of your education and training along with your previous work history. Have you studied under a well known physician? Let it be known that you chose this medical institution over all others because of its excellence. 

Lastly, prep the company for the interview. Many people make the mistake of asking "would you like to meet for an interview"? Asking makes way for the possibility of being rejected. Take control by making it crystal clear this is the only company you are focusing on and would therefore like to come in for your face to face interview as soon as possible! Stress the fact that you understand there are other hospitals that would be interested in you, yet this is where you want to be. To soften this "arrogance" end your letter with a reminder that you are excited to learn from new mentors and submit to authority. This cover letter coupled with your resume has guaranteed you employment. Congratulations!