Medical Assistant Cover Letter Tips

Writing a medical assistant cover letter can be a challenge because of the nature of the job. This role is one of the most varied in the health sector. It can involve lab work, clinical work and practically anything related to medicine. 

Drafting Issues 

The only way guaranteed to simplify writing a medical assistant cover letter is lateral thinking. Instead of writing about your experience, you write your letter addressing the requirements of the job. Stick as close to these basic criteria as you can because you have a limited amount of space to work with. When drafting, do a list of points you want to use in your cover letter based on the fundamental requirements, this is also a good way of targeting specific areas. The job ad can help identify the relevant areas: 

  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Specialized roles 

Showing Superior Skills and Experience

Each element in the letter must show the employer strong work values and something that will make your application stand out. Set out your draft cover letter showing each part of the criteria, and add a sentence which shows your superior skills, achievements, and clear indicators of your abilities. For example: 

  • Skills: Be sure to include that you have a broad range of experience because it tells an employer that you can do more than the basic range of skills in the job.
  • Qualifications: In many jobs, a range of qualifications is a definite plus, because you can also cover other relevant tasks in the workplace.
  • Certifications: Essential for jobs in the US, your certifications also indicate a higher work value to employers. Make sure you include your Certified Medical Assistant certification, to prevent your application from being screened out.
  • Specialized roles: Specialization in particular areas can be invaluable to employers, particularly if you can also provide information about advanced skills. 

Keep your basic draft very simple and easy for you to read. You’ll need to do some editing, so keep each topic on your list separate so that you can avoid clutter in your cover letter.

Example of Cover Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please find attached my resume and application for the position of medical assistant (your ref: 1234/ABCD). I’m currently a medical assistant at XYZ Hospital, and looking for an advanced role in this field. My skills include:

  • Medical records: Digital and paper records according to statutory requirements
  • Administration: Accounting, correspondence and client liaison
  • Clinical work: Taking height, weight, blood pressure and other basic lab testing


I have 5 years of experience in the current job, with 3 years as a medical assistant in an administration role. 


  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Records management certificate III
  • Computer systems management certificate II

Please contact me if you require any additional information.