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Dear [Salutation],

I am writing to you to request an interview for a Mental Health Therapist position with your Counseling division at the FCCJ campus in Downtown Jacksonville. I feel that I am a strong candidate to assist the Counseling division in developing effective support for college students. With my previous experiences as a counselor and mentor, I can re-establish trust between the students and the counselors at the college.

The Counseling division is known for its progressing work building rapport with FCCJ's student population. My experiences as a mentor at Jacksonville High School improved my understanding of student experiences in learning environments. The success of my students reflected my involvement and influence through mental health practices. My designated students' improved by 4% (academically) per semester during my employment at Jacksonville High School. The results and reports of satisfactory participation are available in this letter.

With the success of FCCJ's Counseling Center improving, I feel that my diverse background will benefit the students and the center. For further reference to my qualifications for this position, I have included my resume, references, and letters of satisfactory improvements from the students' instructors.

For more information, please call 000-000-000 or 000-000-0000.

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