Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter Tips

The pharmaceutical sales cover letter needs to be highly competitive, with excellent quality information in order to make your application stand out from others. Your letter needs to display strong skills and experience, and target the job’s core functions effectively.

Cover letter issues

The primary areas of focus in a pharmaceutical sales cover letter are:

  • Motivation: The cover letter must show that you’re a motivated applicant, with a corresponding track record in the industry. Employers use motivation as a benchmark for assessing potential candidates.
  • Areas of expertise: If you’re a specialist in particular lines or types of pharmaceuticals, the cover letter can help you emphasize these advantages. These are areas in a job application where you can effectively target specific criteria, and use your experience to prove superior skills.
  • Performance criteria: This is also a customer service job, as well as sales. The client relationships element of the job is particularly important to employers. Local knowledge and experience are highly valued. A good record of working with local clients is a major asset for your cover letter. These criteria will commonly also include your experience in dealing with sales territories and diverse supply situations. You need to clearly define your experience to prove your capacity to deal with the criteria of the position.  
  • Knowledge of distribution systems: Experienced pharmaceutical salespeople have a major advantage over other applicants in their knowledge of the often complex requirements and procedures of the industry, particularly regarding advanced medication supply issues. An understanding of the needs of pharmacists and the issues related to supply of both off the shelf medications and raw pharmaceuticals is required.
  • Understanding of consumer, commercial and applicable health laws and regulations: The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly regulated. Knowledge of the issues related to supply of materials, their quality, are extremely important, particularly in senior pharmaceutical sales positions. Describe your role in these supply situations, matching the responsibilities of your work with the required levels of skills for the position.


The position is a broad based pharmaceutical sales job in a large sales territory. It includes provision of advanced medication and some materials classified as poisons under health regulations. Spell out each match with criteria clearly, explaining your experience in direct association with the requirements of the position:

“I’m particularly interested in this position, which I see as a clear opportunity to obtain advanced sales skills in a major industry brand environment.

I’ve worked in the XYZ area as a sales representative for ABC Chemicals for the last 5 years. My sales work involves servicing a large number of local pharmacies, supplying both off the shelf consumer medicines and Schedules 8, 9 and 10 medications and materials through our wholesale and overseas distribution networks.

My work includes customer liaison, consumer complaints, supply chain and logistics, and order systems administration. I’m also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations regarding the supply of the Schedules 8, 9 and 10 medications and materials for our customers.”