Physical Therapist Assistant Job Cover Letter Tips

By creating a clear and concise cover letter that highlights your experience and education, you will be able to increase your chances of obtaining a physical therapist assistant job. Cover letters are intended to introduce you as an applicant and explain why you are sending your resume to the employer. By highlighting various parts of your resume, your cover letter will ideally make connections between your previous work experience and the requirements for the specific physical therapist assistant job for which you are applying. Creating a cover letter can be a simple process if you follow the tips below.

Get to the Point

The beginning of your cover letter should address why you are contacting the employer. This section should be specific but not boring. Avoid using phrases like "I am applying for a physical therapist assistant job at your hospital." Instead, you should address the reader in a way that will interest her. This sentence will be the first thing she reads and could determine whether the employer will continue to read your letter. Hospital Jobs Online has great examples of sentences for beginning the opening section of your cover letter. In the opening paragraph, it is advisable to list a few of reasons you are qualified for the position and to include a sentence explaining why you want to work for the hospital or office.

Highlight your Strengths

The middle section, or body, of your cover letter is where you will go into detail about your previous work experience. If you have worked as a physical therapist assistant before, you should give examples of different tasks that you performed during your time in that position. Make sure to include any skills that will help set you apart from other applicants. The body of the cover letter is also the place to mention any certificates, licenses or degrees you have acquired that will make you a prime candidate for the position. Employers sometimes have dozens of applications to review, so your cover letter should not exceed one page. This means that you need to keep the body of the cover letter (which does not include the introductory paragraph or brief closing paragraph) to no more than two paragraphs.

Close with Grace

The final section of the physical therapist assistant cover letter will summarize why you are applying for the job and quickly remind the reader why you believe she should interview you. Include a sentence with your contact information and invite her to contact you, should she have any questions. The best way to close a cover letter is by placing "Sincerely," or "Yours sincerely," above your signature.

Pay Attention to Details

Positive first impressions can lead to potential interviews, so it is crucial that your cover letter be completely free of grammatical errors. Make sure you read--and reread--your letter to avoid any mistakes. It is recommended that you have other people read your letter to ensure complete perfection. Even one grammatical mistake could be enough for a potential employer to assume that you do not pay attention to details.