Physician Assistant Job Cover Letter Tips

Finding a physician assistant job is a great way to advance your career in the health care industry. Creating a solid cover letter will set you apart from other candidates applying for the physician assistant job.

Physician assistants are given a significant amount of work, including examining and treating patients and ordering lab work and X-rays. Many physician assistants are also granted the authority to prescribe certain types of medication. Different states have different laws determining how much interaction and authority a physician assistant will have.

Because physician assistants play such an integral part in a hospital, doctor's office or clinic, the qualification requirements for new hires are strict, and available positions are often very competitive. A successful cover letter will be set up in an organized fashion, with an opening paragraph, body paragraph and closing remarks. Hospital Jobs Online gives great examples for how you should word sentences in your cover letter.

Solid Introduction

The beginning paragraph is the most important section of the cover letter. The reader needs to quickly understand who you are and why you are applying for the physician assistant job. Because you will likely be responding to a job posting, the first paragraph should include a sentence that quickly acknowledges the qualification requirements of the position and informs the reader that your experience meets or exceeds those requirements.

Include Any Related Experience

Physician assistant jobs require proper education, ample work experience and various licenses and certificates (depending on the state), all of which should be listed in your body paragraph. In addition, the body paragraph of your cover letter should quickly mention any internships, related work experience, volunteer opportunities and leadership experience. The employer will want to hire someone with proven experience but also a passion for helping people, so make sure to include a sentence explaining why you enjoy working in health care and why you would like to remain in the industry. Avoid including any items that seem irrelevant to the position. Your resume and cover letter are intended to complement each other, and the employer will use both documents to get an idea of what type of physician assistant you would be.

Finish with Style

Now that you have written your opening and body paragraphs, it is time to create the closing paragraph. The final paragraph of your cover letter should thank the reader for considering you as an applicant and quickly remind him or her why you are qualified for the position. Invite the employer to contact you with any questions and provide all your necessary contact information.

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes

No amount of experience is enough to make up for a poorly written cover letter. After you have finished writing your cover letter for the physician assistant job, have several people read it to make sure there are no grammatical mistakes. The best way to make a great first impression is to provide your potential employer with a well written cover letter completely free of errors.