Project Manager Cover Letter Writing Tips

The project manager cover letter can be a real challenge. Project management is a particularly competitive area of employment. High salaries make interviews for some jobs very hard to get. A good cover letter can make a big difference.

Issues to Explain in Your Project Manager Cover Letter

Because of the need to stand out from large numbers of applicants, a project manager cover letter must contain these issues:

  • Targeted information: All parts of the letter must directly refer to the project management position. You need to show obvious links in your work history to the position.
  • High-value indicators: Information which shows higher employment values and expertise is a natural advantage. Show direct dollar values for previous budgets, qualifications and experience on major projects. This acts as a frame of reference for your professional skills. 
  • Points of reference: Your choice of examples of projects should include the "brand name" effect wherever possible, to add status to your work. Types of projects, names of employers and industry references can be good attention-getting devices, attracting interest to your application.

Structure of a Project Manager Cover Letter

Your cover letter must be easy for the reader to navigate for the reader. Thus you should organize it well. You want to allow the reader to access information and do easy cross-references with the job criteria. You need to provide your information as a well-defined series of statements addressing the position requirements in depth.

Draft your letter in clearly defined segments, addressing each necessary point.

  1. The first paragraph should function as the introduction to your project manager cover letter. Use a brief formal business-format introduction.
  2. The next section should convey your work history. State the most relevant projects and use the appropriate high-value indicators. A typical entry would include the name of the project, your role and responsibilities, the project budget and the outcome of project. If necessary, use a bullet list of projects to show your range of experience in relevant areas. This part of the letter can use up a large amount of text. Remain strictly focused on value-based information and adapt your layout to ensure you can fit in important points.
  3. The final section should explain your interest in the position and communicate your closing statements. Don't be afraid to communicate your motivation behind applying. This paragraph should indicate your professional interests and show your familiarity with the employer's business and the concept of the project.

Example of a Project Manager Cover Letter

Dear [name of hiring manager or contact]:

I wish to apply for the position of Business Project Manager, Clean Sweep Credit Program (Your ref: 2020/BPM1A). Please find attached my curriculum vitae.

I have extensive experience in business project management. My previous work includes:

1. Business Project Manager, Alpha Finance Industries Inc. 2010-2012.

Responsibilities: Manage business debt recovery project operations

Budget: $12 million

Staff: 22

Project outcome: Recovered $117 million in business debts

2. Business Project Manager: Gamma Credit Inc. 2007-2009.

Responsibilities: Manage credit collection and refinancing project operations

Budget: $25 million

Staff: 45

Project outcome:

  • Recovered $29 million in outstanding credit debts
  • Refinanced $76 million in loans
  • Brokerage fees for refinancing: $32 million
  • The program was originally intended to be carried out in two years, 2007-2008. The project was extended into 2009 because of high returns.
  • Actual expenditure by the project was $22.2 million over the 3-year term.

The Clean Sweep Credit Program is a particularly interesting project in my area of expertise. The Program shares several common elements with my previous projects. I believe I can bring strong skills and proven experience to this role.

Thank you for your consideration.