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I saw the position of financial analyst posted in the career center of Jones University. My studies and internship experience well qualify me for this position.

The ad mentions that you are looking for someone who can lead, who can do excellent quantitative analyses and who can work well with others.

Last summer I did my internship with XYZ Real Estate Corporation. It was my responsibility to rectify errors in rent calculations and in schedules. Using the skills I had gained in my courses, especially those related to my business degree, I was able to assist in correcting these problems that the group was facing.

Using the skills I used as part of a student organization helped me to work with the team and become an active member and a person sought out by others for assistance.

If given the chance, I believe I can assist your company as a financial analyst, and can bring to the table all of the knowledge I have gained in both the classroom and during my internship. If you find that my skills match your needs for this position, I hope that you will contact me soon about an interview so we can further discuss this opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.



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