Sample Business Analyst Cover Letter

The business analyst cover letter is as much a marketing exercise as any sales letter. This is a competitive profession, and to produce a standout application, you need to provide good content, and a lot of it.

Cover Letter Issues

Business analysts are often specialists, and may also be very highly qualified. There are a lot of good "unique selling points," but you need to integrate them into one piece of text that says unequivocally, "I'm the person for this job."

These are the major issues:

Expertise: Each job has particular requirements for expertise, particularly in industry-specific business consultancies. For business professionals, it's often a competitive edge in job applications, because expertise is also the area where they can outclass anyone else.

Experience: Proof of appropriate levels of core business experience is a real, absolutely non-negotiable, demand. This is a type of work which requires irrefutable proof of professional credentials. The employer has to see excellent matches with their own business.

Knowledge Base: Business analysis is a job where knowledge is currency. It defines the applicant's ability to deal with the job. A business analyst has to show direct applications of their knowledge through experience, qualifications and specific examples.

Skills: With the job ad will have come a lengthy list of advanced skills as essential criteria. Each of your skills must stand out in your cover letter, and be put in context with the needs of the position.

You need to provide this information in a clear, unmistakable format where the information is impossible to miss, and doesn't get blurred in lengthy, complex text. If necessary, you can use headings in a business letter format with bullet points to make sure you get your message across. This format is also useful for editing purposes.

Writing the Cover Letter

The best practice is to systematically match your specifics with the job.

At draft stage:

  1. Make a list of all essentials.
  2. Match your examples and information with the essentials.
  3. Write a basic version of your cover letter, using the essentials as a guide to content.  

The result will look like this:

  • 5 years experience in commercial business analysis: I have ten years experience as a successful professional business analyst in the commercial field.
  • Excellent communications skills: My experience and professional role includes advisory and instructional roles in management, accountancy and business practices.
  • Experience in structural analysis of retail businesses: Structural analysis is a primary role in my current and past work, which includes many retail businesses in the local area. 

In less than 100 words, this format makes it clear that the writer:

  • Has extensive experience in the employer's core business.
  • Is a successful professional.
  • Is familiar with the retail sector in all necessary areas.
  • Has worked locally. 
  • Can act as a client instructor.
  • Has other commercial experience, adding value to the employer. 

Business analyst cover letters, because of their possible complexity, need economic use of space. This format permits you to add more information and expand areas of interest. In this case, the writer will get an interview on the basis of more than meeting required criteria and additional capacity in core business areas.