Sample Consultant Cover Letter

A consultant cover letter demands a much higher professional grade of letter writing. Any consultancy job application above junior level will usually receive direct scrutiny from higher management. The standard of the cover letter, which contains important additional information, is therefore critical to the success of the application.

Issues for consultant cover letters

These are the major issues which apply to professional consultancy positions in any industry:

Competing with other professionals: The extremely high level of competition in professional consultancies is a primary issue for all applicants. The cover letter should be considered a marketing exercise. In marketing, to be competitive, you show your product as the superior choice, using information which supports your claims to the position. 

Information quality: At the professional level, screening of applications is done on a much tougher basis. The information content must create reader interest. The reader must receive good quality information which identifies the applicant as outstanding in the professional context.

Areas of expertise: An important part of cover letters is highlighting specific areas of expertise. Some jobs require particular forms of consultancy work which are of higher value to the employer. Case management and client relationships, for example, are often particularly important parts of some consultant's jobs.

Personal achievements: Most applicants for any job are fundamentally equal in terms of credentials, qualifications, and basic experience. The distinguishing factor is information which indicates stronger skills and expertise. This information can be provided in the form of specific achievements which show exceptional professional standards.

Letter format

Professional cover letters must be in a business letter format. Presentation needs to be excellent, and the letter should be thoroughly checked for quality issues. Ensure any attachments or additional information are enclosed prior to sending. 

Letter content tips

Cover letters must be easy to read. These are few style tips which can keep your content easily manageable:

  • Use simple sentences, writing in a business style.

  • Make sure you keep your specific subjects in separate paragraphs..

  • Bullet points are often useful, keeping factual statements brief and attracting the reader's attention.

  • Express each point as a straightforward statement.

  • Always use positive expressions.


The application is for the position of small business consultant. The employer is a large regional business consultancy specializing in this area. The position requires extensive experience in business consultancy, case management, client relationships, and strong communications skills as essential criteria.

The applicant covers each point systematically:

"I have 5 years extensive experience in small business consultancy in my current position. The clients are a diverse group of local businesses, including:

  • Retailers
  • Trades businesses
  • Import/export
  • Wholesalers
  • Transport
  • Auto industry

I directly advise client management in a large number of areas of consultation. This work involves ongoing relationships with the clients and often complex issues:

  • Business operations
  • Business plans
  • Budgets
  • Financing
  • Structuring
  • Employment practices
  • Risk management
  • Sales issues

My work has achieved notable successes:

  • ABC Outlet Stores: 50 per cent increase in profitability after consultation on operational issues.

  • XYZ Hardware: Major restructuring allowed a 30 per cent increase in sales.

  • HIJ Auto Repairs: Operational management advice allowed HIJ save $400,000 on new plant and equipment."

The applicant can prove superior skills and high levels of effectiveness in the consultancy role. The applicant can also demonstrate clear proof of having all essential skills. This is the sort of information that guarantees success in a consultant cover letter.