Sample Declination Letter

This is a sample declination letter to give you an idea on how to write your own letter, the phrases in italics, should be replaced by your own information.

[Date Declination Letter was written][Date][Address][Phone Number]

[Employer's Name and Title]
[Employer's Address]

Dear [Recruiter Name],

I would like to thank you for your time to interview me for the position [Position title] at [Organisation title]. After having considered your offer carefully, I have decided that at this point I cannot accept your offer because

Choose One

  • The salary offered is not to my expectations.
  • I can only considering full time employment.
  • The position offered does not fit in my career path.
  • I have received another more advantageous offer.

I do thank you for your thoughtful consideration and the employment offer I received and wish you luck in your search for an appropriate candidate.

[Sign your name]
[Type your name]

Modify this Sample Declination Letter to create your own version. You do not want your declination letter to be the same as 1000's of others.