Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

The pharmaceutical sales cover letter can require personal marketing. This is a typical sales job, and you're competing against other salespeople. You should format your cover letter content in an objective way and give the employer clear indications of your strongest skills.

Cover Letter Content Issues

Pharmaceutical sales cover letters are based on very specialized form of sales and a unique employment market. The cover letter should cover different types of pharmaceutical sales jobs, the products sold and a wide range of experience. Sales jobs are extremely demanding, and performance indicators are major factors in screening candidates. The employment values you show the employer will be the deciding factor in your application.

Drafting Your Pharmaceutical Sales Cover Letter

Each aspect of the pharmaceutical sales cover letter has to relate directly to the high value indicators of the job, as well as essential criteria. These are the special areas you must address:

  • Sales performance indicators: Facts and figures can speak for themselves. They're also an excellent way of providing a lot of relevant information in a relatively small amount of space and not cluttering your entire cover letter. Your sales indicators must contain enough information to provide a comprehensive overview of your performance.
  • Experience: You will need to provide clear parameters for your experience to show your pharmaceutical sales experience. This information must include the type of sales work you did, your responsibilities, your clientele and the definition of your role in the sales process.
    • Motivation: Pharmaceutical sales is a highly competitive area, and motivation is essential for salespeople on the job. You need to show your motivation and indicate your commitment to the job.


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I wish to apply for the position of Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (your ref: 1234/ABCD) advertised on your web site.nMy current role in pharmaceutical sales meets all essential criteria for this position:

    • 5 years experience in regional wholesale pharmaceutical sales to mainstream retail clients
    • Broad spectrum of pharmaceutical products with multiple household name brands
    • Responsible for all facets of the ordering and delivery process
    • Acting as client interface with complaints and product issues

    My sales figures for last year are an indicator of my performance:

    • Total sales: $2,560,082.74
    • Clients: 124 mixed retailers in the Apple Orchard city area
    • Awarded Salesperson of the Month in April, June, August and November
    • Promoted to Deputy Sales Manager in October
    • Received bonus for sales performance every month

    I'm strongly motivated to  further develop my career potentials in this area with a major industry leader. I believe I can contribute a great deal to this position. Please contact me if you require further information.


    Be sure to include a list of the items that demonstrate to the employer that you are a good fit for the position. Also, be sure to provide your relevant work experience.