School Nurse Job Cover Letter Tips

You're about to apply for a School Nurse Job position and it's time to do your cover letter. There are several ways to do a cover letter, but the most important thing is to be clear and get the attention of your potential employer. A cover letter is a introduction to your resume, remember that depending on how you write it, your employer will be motivated or not to check out your resume. Pay attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammatical forms; double-check if it's necessary. 

Getting started

At the beginning of the letter you have to put the following information about yourself: Name, Address and current date. Then, you put the potential employer information: Contact's name, Name of the institution, Address, City, state and zip code.

On the first paragraph, you should mention the position you are applying for and where you've heard about the job.

Here's an example you could use:

 “ Dear Mr. Name,

 I send this letter in response to your ____ advertisement for a School nurse job position”.

Replacing the empty space with the name of the newspaper or website where you found the advertisement.

Make yourself stand out

The second paragraph, may contain a brief information about your experiences, qualifications and skills. Try to highlight the most relevant attributes for the requested position, keep it simple.

A good way to write this could be:

“As you can see in my resume, I have six years of experience in patients care and I have been involved in communitarian projects as a volunteer for the last two years. I'm dedicated and devoted to my profession. I believe that my experiences and skills on the field could be a good addition to your teamwork and offers me the possibility to keep developing myself as a professional.”

The next step would be to explain the reasons why you are interested in the job. Talk about the organization and what made you want to work there. For example:

“I wish to work in a Hospital with an excellent quality patients care and with a great reputation like yours. I'm aware that you have a good work environment and career advancement opportunities. I consider this a huge opportunity for me to contribute to your organization and be able to advance in my career.”

Make yourself available

Now, is time to end the letter. In this paragraph, you will ask to your potential employer to arrange a meeting for the job position you're applying to, put your contact information and your availability:

“I would like the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss the job offer. I'm available from 9a.m to 17p.m, you can contact me at <enter your phone number>. I remain at your disposal. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Don't forget to salute and sign your letter. You could say something like:


 <your sign goes here>

Your name typewritten.”