Social Worker Job Cover Letter Tips

Social worker job, cover letters are professional letters. They relate to specialist areas of employment, and if the basic information is straightforward enough, the real issue is quality of information.

Cover Letter Issues

The cover letter must present well, and needs to contain very high value information for the employer. This is particularly the case in professional cover letters, where you’re competing with highly qualified, experienced people. Social worker jobs are often highly specialized, and the type of information contained in your cover letter has to be well-organized.

You need provide a lot of good quality information that will show superior skills and experience. That means you’ll have to target the core functions of the position. Researching the position is a good idea. As a social worker you’ll appreciate that being good at the core functions of the job is what really matters.

Drafting Your Cover Letter

The cover letter is a business style letter, about 1 page, no more than a page and a half. Condensing the information down to that size can be a problem for people with a lot of experience. The best approach is to work on a list of information you want to include in the cover letter.

  • Set up your draft as a basic business letter.
  • Use a simple layout, paragraphs for each subject.
  • If you need to list experience, use bullet points, not sentences.
  • Review the position requirements.
  • List the specific information you want to use.
  • List the achievements you want to include in the letter.

The advantage of this style of drafting is that you can check your information far more efficiently. The layout will help you keep track of any errors, too.

The Social Worker Job Cover Letter Format

The cover format is best kept organized into simple basic subject areas. Complexity and detail can make a letter difficult to read.

  • Addressee
  • Introduction with reference
  • Motivation paragraph
  • Experience paragraph
  • Achievements paragraph
  • Closing paragraph

Example of a Social Worker Job Cover Letter

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to apply for the position of Rehabilitation Counselor Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse), your ref: RCDA/1234. Please find enclosed my resume, application form and copies of  required documentation.

I’m a qualified counselor, as per my resume. My current experience includes structured case management of individuals in rehabilitation. This experience includes field work among drug and alcohol dependent people under the state’s community support programs.

I currently work as a part time case manager at the XYZ Drug And Alcohol Abuse Clinic including counseling. I’m hoping to acquire a full time job as a drug and alcohol counselor to develop my career further.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve achieved considerable success in my rehabilitation work. According to XYZ management, my success rate is currently 82% over the total of clients I’ve seen in the last two years. Please note that XYZ general manager Cliff Hung is one of my references.

I believe I could contribute a great deal to your organization. I’m deeply committed to this line of counseling, and look forward to the chance to work with your organization. Thank you for your consideration,

Yours sincerely