Substitute Teacher Job Cover Letter Tips

When applying for a substitute teacher job, you need to present a good resume and a strong, confident cover letter to your potential employer. A cover letter is your first presentation to your future employer. It gives them a first impression of who you are and the experience you have. In addition, it gives a sense of your goals and expectations for your future job and the contributions you can bring to the institution. Your cover letter can make the difference between being hired and having your resume filed in a drawer.

General Specifications

An effective cover letter has to be simple and concise yet complete. It is neither a description nor a summary of your resume. On the contrary, it has to complement it. Education positions, and substitute teaching jobs in particular, have many, many applicants per vacancy. Thus, it is crucial to make the letter short for better and faster reading, but you must do this while also convincing the school principal or administrator that you are the best candidate for the position.

Grammar and Spelling Correctness

This is one of the most important issues to consider when writing a letter for a substitute teacher job. You are applying to be an educator, so the letter will be meticulously read in search of grammar and spelling mistakes. It has to be free of typos and be properly punctuated.

What to Include

Ideally, a substitute teacher cover letter should be three paragraphs long. The first paragraph should give a brief description of you, indicating relevant education and/or work experience, and it should concisely explain why you are applying for that particular position. The second one will detail your experience and academic background. The third will give the letter closure and state your intention to follow up on the hiring process.

If you are a new graduate, the letter has to be focused on academic accomplishments, special training received, and a description of any related experience, even if it is not specifically in a school. This will compensate for the lack of work experience, providing good information about your potential as a substitute teacher.

If you do have previous experience teaching, the most relevant areas must be highlighted in the cover letter. It makes a difference if the letter is specifically written for the position for which you are applying. So, if you are applying for a substitute teacher position in a primary school, you should highlight experience you have achieved in that field.

Extra training received in different teaching methods, styles, etc. should be included in the letter as well. It will make your profile stand out. 

Show Your Personality

Your cover letter is your opportunity to show your potential employer who you are--what personal skills make you different from any other applicant. Show your passion for teaching and why you are the best candidate for that position.

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