Surgical Tech Job Cover Letter Tips

One of the keys to getting a surgical tech job is a well-written cover letter. A powerful and focused cover letter opens the door for a prospective employer to take a further look at you and your capabilities. This article will provide a few tips on creating just such a letter.

Basic tips

Keep the cover letter one page in length. The idea behind the letter is to condense your experience, qualifications, and desire for the job into the most concise form possible. Your resume can provide a few more details and during the interview, you can really expand on things further. To get the most energy out of your writing, use "action" verbs to describe activity. Don't say something like "I helped to organize surgical instruments in the ER", but rather "maintained, cleaned and organized all instruments used in the ER".

Start your cover letter with the date in the upper left corner. Then leave a space and put your name and contact information in block form just beneath the date. Be sure to include your email address and cellphone number in addition to your physical address and home phone. Then leave another space and put in a block of information containing the name, title and address of the person who is reading the letter. If it is not possible for you to find out the person's actual name, use "Hiring Manager" instead. Put in another space, write your salutation and begin the letter.


The first paragraph, if not the first sentence itself, is a vitally important part of the letter. It should give the reader a reason to continue reading and find out more about you. Therefore, distill your desire for the job and what makes you the best candidate down to its purest form. Here is how such an opening sentence might read: "As a surgical technologist with five years of experience in the field, I would be excited to advance my career at St. Martin's Hospital".

If you have a professional or employee referral, make sure you use it in this opening paragraph. It's a great tool to use.


In the body of the letter, you can provide some concrete examples of your skills and experience. You still want to keep this section tight and focused...don't make it more than two paragraphs. You want to mention responsibilities you previously had or things you achieved instead of just reciting the places you worked. A bullet format works very well to keep things nice and tight. Here is what such a list might look like:

  • Was responsible for maintaining instruments in Midwest Hospital's critical cardiac unit
  • Managed and trained other surgical techs at Midwest Hospital
  • Also trained and certified in Basic Life Support


The last paragraph should restate your great interest in the position and provide a last reminder of why you think you are best for the job. Make sure to thank the reader for giving you the opportunity to apply. End the letter with a complimentary closing such as "Respectfully yours". Re-read the letter and double check it for any spelling or grammar errors.

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