Interviewing is one of the most important steps in the job-seeking process. An interview is generally the first face-to-face between a candidate and potential employer and is a situation where making a strong impression is important. Interview preparation can be important to help a candidate perform at peak. Studying up on interview techniques, looking at an interview sample Q&A and even learning the ropes of salary negotiation beforehand can prove helpful. When candidates perform well in their first meeting with a potential employer, an interview follow-up may be requested. Considering some positions call for multiple interviews, brushing up on techniques can be very important for landing a sought-after position.

Interview Follow-up ( 42 )

Do employers expect a job interview thank you card?

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Interview Preparation ( 88 )

Student Part-Time Job Interview Preparation

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Interview Sample Q&A ( 312 )

What is a typical day like at a retail manager job?

A typical day in a retail manager job often consists of maintaining a store environment that is a pleasant experience for customers by managing many employees simultaneously. Work begins ... view more


Interview Techniques ( 54 )

Technical Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Technical interview question range from "brainteasers" to actual technical questions. Mistakes are easy to make, and the need is to avoid as many as possible. Technical questions, either verbal ... view more


Salary Negotiation ( 32 )

What are good reasons to negotiate for a salary increase?

There are some good reasons to negotiate for a salary increase at any stage of your employment. You will be earning more for the life of your career if ... view more