A broad overview of the job interview process

So, as you can see the trip has a lot on its way from head to start, and each step is crucial in influencing the end result, i.e. the job offer. Now, you will agree with me that the interview is actually just about half-way through the job-search long and winding road. There are parts on this website which have led you through the first half of the trip. This article will take your hand and lead you through the second half. Hopefully, you will not only enjoy the trip but also gain some invaluable insights which will help you navigate though the trip like a pro.

We will start with the period when you have just finished your interview. You feel that it has gone well, and have a good feeling in your guts. You love the company, you love what you heard from your interviewing panel about the company and you will be delighted to get an offer from them. What do you do next?

  • Interview Thank You Note
  • References after the interview
  • Stay in Touch after the interview
  • Job Offer after Job Interview
  • Negotiating your job offer is part of your interview
  • Accepting your job offer - the final step in the job interview