A broad overview of the job interview process

Send them a thank you note. Make it a point to find out who is heading the interviewing team, and get the names of each one of the members of the team, even if they are 20 of them. You can do this from the receptionist, of the person who regulates the interviewing process. As soon as you are out of the door of the company (or the lace where the interview took place) buy as many thank you cards as there were members and send them instant. You could hand them over by hand to the receptionist, attendant or whoever is there helping with the interview and request him/her to hand them over as soon as the interview is over.

It is important that this note reaches maximum by the next day (after the interview) if you want to create an impact on the interviewer(s). This is important because, though this step sounds simple and very normal; only about two percent of all the interviewees get down to do this. Hence, when you do it, you will find yourself in those TWO percent that are more visible to the interviewer(s).

Remember, if the note does not reach the second day, there is no need to send it anymore. The best impact is on the same day or maximum the next.