A broad overview of the job interview process

Negotiating the offer. Now, let us consider for some time that you got an offer form the company that like the best, but the offer fall short of what you expect. In this case you have two choices - negotiate the offer to match your expectations or come as close as possible to it, and (ii) reject the offer.

The first option would require you to get in touch with the hiring manager and open negotiations. You should be very crisp in approach and explain why you would have preferred a different pay package. When you are negotiating pepper your request with assertions about your value addition to the company. However, do not end up promising to work for two jobs for one-and-half salary.

In case the negotiations are not successful, ask for time (about 7-10 days) to decide on the matter. In the meantime, you could weigh your options elsewhere, consider other offers, or even accept the offer.

In case you have no better option, it will always be better to accept the present offer and keep looking for ways to get your level inside or outside the company. You know the saying about, 'It is better to have a bird in hand than two in the bush'.

If you decide on the second option, call in person again and meet the hiring manager. Thank him/her for their time and offer but explain that you would not be happy working under the present circumstances. Many times, when they see that the person is so self-assured and rejects the offer - the company makes amendments to the offer on the spot. In case they do, reconsider. You need not answer on the spot, but show your happiness that they made a fresh offer and make them feel like they are the winners of a great prize, i.e. YOU.