A broad overview of the job interview process

Accept the offer. This is the last step of your journey. The destination. Make sure you savor the moment when you reach here. When you receive the offer that you have to accept, first of all CELEBRATE! The next day, send a thank you note again to the employer, expressing your joy to have been selected and being a part of the new team.

Read carefully the offer line-by-line. There maybe pre-employment conditions such as drug tests, medical tests, etc.

In case these are there, contact and find out from the employer what you are needed to do.

Understand the meaning of all the perks and benefits you are entitled to. In case anything in ambiguous ask for a clarification and make a note of it. In any benefits fall short of what was promised when the offer was made, bring that to the attention of the hiring manager.

Now, that you have reached the destination of the first lap in your professional career, it is time to consolidate your position. For this you will need to read the guidelines on 'New Job', 'Building your Career Part I' and 'Building your Career Part II', posted on our site.

Whether this is your first job or not, building and consolidating your career is hard work and a lot of perseverance. Be sure you are ready to give your BEST!