Addressing employability issues

If you are looking to land an interview to gain employment, know that the employer who conducts the interview will be looking for any employability issues in your past. These issues can stop you from getting any good job offers without your even knowing it. While the first step is recognizing that there are employability issues in your past, fixing these employability problems is just as important. But how do you do that?

Addressing the Issues

While it does seem that some employment problems are permanent, fixing the way the world views these issues will help your employability. What are some of the issues and how would you place a positive action to them?

  • Criminal record - realize that this issue will never completely vanish; offsetting it through visible rehabilitation and reconciliation
  • Lack of experience - taking on part-time duties or volunteer work in your field of choice will gain relevant experience for full time jobs
  • Lack of skill - taking courses which give you new skills or improve current skills always shows positive action to potential employers
  • Poor grades or lack of certification - this issue is also solved by taking classes and earning certificates or certifications to add to your resume; even being currently enrolled in further education will show a willingness to improve yourself
  • Lack of job focus - if your resume shows an unclear focus in any one field of work, find either entry level work or volunteer opportunities which follow a set path to gain a track record of working in one occupation or sector
  • Lack of goals - this is another issue which is shown by either job hopping or moving through unrelated jobs. Set goals for yourself which give you a more definable career path and have steps in place that allow you to follow that path.
  • Behavior issues - this is one of the easiest employment issues to fix. Recognizing you have issues is half the process. Working on these employability issues is the other half. Counselling, support groups, classes and treatment programs exist for most behavioral problems.

Goal Setting

Fixing employability issues can be simply a matter of setting goals and making a plan to meet those goals. Once you have a plan in place, follow through with it. While you may not meet the goal by the time you are going for the interview, the knowledge of your plan and goals could help the employer to see that you are aware of issues regarding employment and are taking steps to fix problems which could hinder employment.

Among other positive traits which can come from this effort which will be seen by employers are patience, persistence, and the ability to set goals and take steps to follow through. Any efforts to resolve past issues will help calm employers concerns raised during an interview.