Background check problems and trouble

When Background Checks are Inaccurate

  • The accuracy of research into a person's background can mean the difference between their future employment and unemployment.
  • If a background check reveals that a person has a serious, criminal record, that person will not easily, be employed.
  • Due to administration errors, on the part of the researchers carrying out the background checks, there have been cases of innocent people being wrongly, portrayed as criminals.
  • Quite often, these mistakes take weeks or months to rectify. These errors are expensive, financially and in terms of time.
  • The more frightening consequence of an error made with background checks, is the scenario where a criminal appears to be an innocent person. Imagine employing a sex-offender whilst believing the person working for you is of sound character! Consider the consequences for the research company involved, should the sex-offender assault someone in that workplace!

It is all pretty, alarming stuff. Sure, along the way, we will learn from our mistakes and hopefully, regulations and policies will evolve accordingly - but how far-reaching will the consequences of the present inadequacies be in the meantime?