Being persistent to get job interviews

When you find it difficult to get the interview, you can revert to one of the following unconventional methods:

Limit the offer period
Call the hiring manager and state that you will be in town during the next week and would like to schedule a meeting. To make sure you get the interview, you can end your request with two alternative dates for the meeting.

Schedule several interviews
Schedule more than one interview in the same area over a certain period. If the hiring manager is still reluctant to schedule a meeting, you can mention that you have an interview with their competition on for example, Tuesday, and will have Wednesday open for an interview. Name the competition. Since the manager wouldn't want to lose a potential beneficial employee to his competition, he may grant the meeting. Apart from this, employers want people who are in demand. It will sound like you are the flavour of the month and he wouldn't let the opportunity pass to hire you.

Combine time limit and demand
Once the manager knows that you will only be available for the next week and it is clear that you may get hired by the competition, you can mention that you would rather see him now, since your trip has already been paid. Companies try to keep their costs down and would prefer not to have to pay for another trip.

When you get the interview, you should also set up other interviews. This way you cut down on costs, time spent on interviewing, and at the same time broadens your job prospects.

What happens when the manager says that you should just send your CV to him?
You can bypass this response by stating that since you will be in the area, you will gladly hand deliver the CV or even fax it. Point out that you appreciate his time and understand his tremendous workload. You are therefore willing to make it easier by making sure that he receives it in person. You have then changed an obstacle to an opportunity for a quick personal meeting with the hiring manager.

When distance is an issue
You may not always be in a position to hand deliver your CV, but then you can make use of modern day technology such as fax and emailing. Most faxes are seen as priority mail and normally reach the right person. Call the hiring manager to say that you will be faxing your CV and will call to hear if he received it. He will keep it close by since he wouldn't want to be caught off guard. Other applications may all still be in one pile, but yours will get priority. Do follow up and use the moment to provide your background and possible contribution to the company.

Three more unconventional methods to help you get the interview
Since so many applicants make use of templates and general CV's, your CV will stand out if you customize or write it specifically for a particular industry or company. With this method you focus on their requirements, style, and culture. You can add the enterprise logo as a watermark to your CV. It will definitely impress them and show that you are willing to go the extra mile for their enterprise.

If you are particularly interested in working for a certain company, you can also indicate it by mentioning their name in the objective part of the CV, for example: 'Marketing Manager Opening at Siemens'.

By using slightly unconventional methods to get the interview, you set your application apart from the hundreds of other more traditional methods to get the interview. You will be noticed and get the opportunity to meet with the relevant person.

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