Broad questions

The interview starts the moment you step into the office of the interviewer. Besides your looks, way you speak and your body language, you are also assessed on your answers to broad as well as unexpected questions. The following broad questions are normally asked at interviews.

Please provide a reason why you are looking for another job / why have you resigned from your last job?

Be careful when you answer this question not to disclose any conflicts at the previous or current employer. Never badmouth the employer or co-workers. Always answer in a positive manner for instance, looking for a new challenge where your skills could be used fully etc.

Tell us more about yourself

This question always arises. Be prepared to give a concise and positive answer. Start in chronological order to provide a summary of work you have done up to now. Stay focused on the details relevant to the current job.

Do you see yourself as a success?

Always answer yes and provide a reason for it. Be careful not to boast.

How do your fellow workers perceive you?

Your answer should reflect that you are a good worker, easy to approach, respected and seen as full of energy, motivation and a team builder etc. Prepare a quote from another worker about you.

What do you know about our company?

Show that you have done your homework, by stating that you know their main business activities, something positive being said about them, their products, services etc. Also show that you know their goals and mission and that yours are compatible with theirs. Do research to find out what their long term and short term plans are and their accomplishments. Also find out about other major companies in the industry.

What experience do you have in ?

Answer as specific as possible with examples. If you don't have any experience, make use of related experience.

What training have you undergone in the past few years to improve your knowledge in this specific field?

List in-house training, self help and formal training as well as workshops, seminars etc.

Do you know anyone in the company or a person who have worked for us previously?

When you answer the question, you shouldn't list persons who are relatives or anyone who left the company because of a conflict situation


Why do you want to work for us?

Answer in the positive and don't state because you need a job or experience. Relate your answer to your goals which must be compatible to theirs


How long do you plan to work for us?

Always state that you see the position and company as a long term decision.

Do you work well in teams?

Companies are about teams. Your answer should always reflect that you work well in teams and that you put the team before yourself. Prepare an example to motivate your answer.

What salary do you expect?

Never give numbers. If you answer too low that is what you will get. If you answer too high you can lose the chance to get the job. Always ask what range they have in mind. If you don't get an answer, say it depends on the benefits and job requirements and then provide a wide range.

If you had enough money not to work, will you still take the job?

Always answer yes, because you want to contribute to society and love what you are doing.

Have you ever been fired?

If not, answer no. If you have been fired, answer short without going into negative details.

Explain how you would be able to contribute to this company?

Prepare your answer on your three strong points. Prepare one example at least.

Why should we employ you above other candidates?

Never compare yourself to other candidates. Highlight your qualifications, experience and transferable skills related to the job, you apply for.

Provide an example of you creativity/ innovative thinking

Prepare an example of how your creativity was implemented with success.

What about the job requirements, do you like least?

Be careful when you answer this question. Say that you like everything. If you have to give an answer focus on the smallest and most mundane part of the job, but also state how the other aspects of the position makes this worth the while and that you dont mind doing that part as all jobs have something less interesting.

Describe your dream job

Your answer should reflect the job you are interviewing for as well as the company. Your goals must be incorporated in the answer. You however, should answer the question as broadly as possible as it can seem that you are lying if you state the specific job.

Have you interviewed for any other jobs?

Answer truthfully, but keep the focus on the job you apply for.

What bothers you about co-workers?

Be careful when you answer this question, your boss may be exactly that type of person. Rather think for a while and then answer that you generally aren't irritated easily and normally gets along with all people.

What are you greatest strengths and weaknesses?

Mention three excellent strengths related to the job such as analytical thinking skills. Be careful about weaknesses. Not mentioning any, will be suspect. Rather mention an unrelated weakness such as your love for coffee etc. or state a positive attribute such as being goal orientated as something.

Do you work well under pressure?

Always answer yes and provide an example.

How do you measure job success?

Answer when you have accomplished the best you can do and more than what is expected.

Are you willing to travel/ work after hours/ over weekends?

Answer honestly as this is what they will expect from you if hired.

What management style do you prefer?

Always answer that you adapt your management style to the given situation.

What type of action will make you object in the company?

Only answer if someone is stealing or is disloyal to the company.

What motivates you?

Answer honestly - for example, success.

What is your work ethic?

Provide an answer that reflects reliability, honesty and integrity. Work must always come first in your answer. Accuracy, professionalism etc. must be reflected in your answer.

What was your biggest mistake?

Give an example and how it was dealt with in a positive way.

What do you enjoy most about the specific job field?

Provide an answer that reflects being able to contribute to the team or success of a project.

Do you have any questions?

Always prepare a list. Never ask about salary or benefits. Rather ask when you can start, what their expectations are etc.