Career Change

There are many changes in the people's mentality and outlook today when it comes to jobs. However, changing jobs frequently is still seen as negative aspect rather than a positive one.

Reasons Why Frequent Changes Are Seen Negatively

  • Low Returns on Investment - Most recruiters do not feel very comfortable because they feel that the candidate might not be able to contribute sufficiently to their organization before he/ she feels like moving on again.
  • Inadequacy - There would also be the underlying thought, that you have left all your jobs before they wanted to fire you for lack of performance
  • Inability to work in a team - Another possible reason would be that you are unable to function productively in a team
  • How To Change The Negativity Of The Situation Into A Positive Aspect

    • Prepare well - In order to be able to handle such an interview question well, you would need to be prepared well. This question should not take you by surprise. You need to wipe the negativity out from the recruiter's mind. Put the 'why' question to yourself first and find out exactly what is the reason for your frequent changes.
      • Is it because you wanted professional growth
      • Is it because you wanted a more challenging work environment
      • Is it because you learned new skills
      • Is it because your spouse has been moving and you followed
      • Is it because the company closed down or was downsizing
    • Answer with confidence - whatever be your reason be sure you answer with confidence showing that you believe your changing jobs has contributed to your personal and professional growth. Invite your recruiter to check out with your past employers to find out what a valuable employee you had been.
    • Prove your point - do not limit yourself at saying that you have changed jobs because you wanted more out of your career. Back it up with examples. Have a good action story for every job you changed. Explain eloquently how these moves have contributed to your expertise and skill set. You need to prove that you have achieved measurable results.
    • Circumstances beyond your help - if your job change is because of your spouse needed to move or the company you were working in closed down or went into massive downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, changes in policies, exceptional financial returns, say so directly.
    • Show you have grown - as you explain the shift, you need to highlight that you have grown with each change emphasizing many of the areas that the present job needs.

    Lastly, you need to look inside yourself for the answer. If your frequent job change is due to some inadequacy in attitude, personality or skills you need to work on it fast. On the other hand, if the shifting is due to inadequate employment, then pay closer attention to the job you are applying for and accept only the one that would really suit your purpose.