Cheating in your Job References

No it is too easy to get caught out!

You either have a poor employment record or no employment record, whatever your reason for cheating on job references, don't do it!

You may think you are being clever by providing Uncle Bobs details as a referee or one of your mates with his own company. But it only takes one call to a member of staff who is not familiar with your arrangement with uncle Bob to confirm to the reference checker, that your name is not known within the organisation and to their knowledge you do not and have not ever worked there.

This revelation will result in you being completely discredited and viewed as dishonest. Your chances of getting the job after that are slim! Depending on what job you are applying for it could have local or much wider repercussions. Word may get out that you are seeking employment within a specialised industry and that you are using falsereferences.

If you do not want to ruin your career, it is not a very good idea to cheat on job references.

Some employers may not do a thorough check with references but how do you know whether they will or not? Do you want to run the risk of being discovered?

I need the false references to back up the false CV

One assumes if you need to lie about your references then you also intend to lie on your CV. Details you provide on your CV will be discussed in the interview. If you appear at all vague or lack the knowledge that goes with your inflated claims you will quickly be revealed as a fraud.

Psychometric testing which is designed to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in certain areas may also be used to reveal inconsistencies with claims you put in your CV. This type of testing is being used with greater frequency in some fields.

Further more applying for a job that that is beyond your true capabilities may not work well for you in the long run. If you can step up to the plate and meet the challenge, great but if not, you will be out of the job as quickly as you arrived with yet more problems to explain away on your next CV!

Don't be a referee or CV cheat!