Cloth Fabrics - Job Interviews

Apart from the type of clothing or dress you wear to the Job Interview, the selection of fabrics can also help you look professional in a job interview. The following guidelines can be used to create the winning image.


Solid colors or fine patterns help to attain a formal look whereas flowers and large patterns are more suitable for a casual affair. Worsted wool, crepe, and gabardine are excellent choices for fabrics to help you look professional in a job interview


If you need a less formal image you can make use of several fabrics including, challis, knitted wear, ryon, and silk. Medium prints are still acceptable for interviews.

Matt finishes are less formal than glossy garments. Stay away from wearing only glossy garments. Rather mix a glossy shirt with a matt jacket to look professional in a job interview. Don't wear leather as it is a sensual fabric. Only use leather accessories.


Wool should be the first choice for business suits as it returns to its original form after being stretched. Your suit will not look crinkled after a long drive. Worsted wool suits are excellent throughout the year because of its lightness. It provides a light, but quality image. If a pure wool suit is out of your budget range, consider a blend suit made from wool and polyester. It doesn't crinkle easily and the creases keep well.

Select a solid dark color for your suit. It will go well with any shirt and provides a formal look. The lighter the suit, the more casual the look will be. If you select a patterned suit, go for one with a fine pattern or stripes that appear solid from a distance. You can select a fine pinstripe or a chalkstripe which is thicker and provides a slim look.

Select a cotton fabric that acts as a second skin allowing your body to cool off. The color should not be bright. Fashion trends change, but a white or solid color shirt stays in fashion. You can also select a pinstripe shirt. Select a shirt with a smaller collar if you have delicate features and a higher color if you have a broad neck. Wear a lighter shirt with a darker tie to look professional in a job interview. The darker the shirt, the lighter the tie color must be.

The fabric guidelines to look professional in a job interview can help you select fabrics more suited for job interviews.