Clothing woman interview

Before you leave for the job interview ask a friend to review your total image. You only have one chance to ace the interview and your appearance plays a tremendous role in shaping the interviewers opinion. Use the checklist for job interview clothes to assess how you look.

Shirt or blouse

  • Sleeves must touch the wrist
  • Buttons should be fastened two buttons above the cleavage and should stay fastened
  • The shirt must be below the hip.


  • Should not be a tight fit
  • No creases
  • No pulling back
  • Must be able to place two fingers between your skirt and body
  • Loose fit
  • Shouldn't curve under waistline when you bend or sit
  • Length must be appropriate
  • No pulling of the pleats.


  • Pleats must not stretch
  • Zip must lie flat
  • No wrinkling in front
  • Not too tight
  • Panty line shouldn't be visible
  • Wear accessories
  • Wear professional jacket.

Jacket or suit

  • No crinkles across the collar
  • It is easy to fasten the buttons without stretching the jacket
  • Sleeves should touch the wrist
  • Pockets must not bulge.


  • Neckline must be two inches above the cleavage line
  • Avoid sleeveless dresses
  • Avoid large print or patterns.

Shoes and stockings

  • Neutral shade stockings
  • Closed shoes
  • Medium height heels
  • Medium thick heels
  • Stocking color must be lighter or same color as shoes
  • Avoid colored stockings.


  • Wear less than 15 items including shoes, belts, earrings, bangles, watch, and necklace
  • No dangling and noisy accessories
  • Avoid overly large earrings.

Final touches

  • Avoid bright lipstick and makeup
  • Makeup light rather than heavy
  • Fingernails should be clean, short or medium length
  • Avoid too formal hairstyles
  • Avoid fancy hairstyles and accessories
  • Pull hair back if it is long
  • Wear light lingerie with lighter colors
  • Wear darker lingerie with darker colors
  • Wear a light perfume

The above guidelines can be used to check your job interview clothes. If your image is impeccable, you will also have more confidence.