Dealing with the human resources department

Most Human Resources departments are relatively small for the size of the company they are a part of. The reality of Human Resources is to manage the existing employees, then work through the constant stack of resumes that arrive daily when there is time.

If you are required to meet with someone from Human Resources remember that they are probably overwhelmed with applications and other duties. Once you get the first interview there are a few suggestions you can follow to put yourself on the list for second interviews:

  • Know as much about the company as possible.
  • Keep the focus of the interview on the company
  • Have solutions and answers ready for any concerns raised as well as focus the answer on how it can benefit the company
  • Know that the person you are speaking with does not have the final say if you are hired
  • Watch for intrusive questions about personal issues; no interviews should allow this type of question
  • Do not get stressed out over the first interview, this is simply a verification meeting to match your potential to the company

Once you get past the first interview there are a few things you can do to help get the second interview scheduled:

  • Ask specific questions about the position and how it relates to the company
  • Be ready with examples of how you can provide solutions or improvements
  • Have a clear starting date in mind when they ask you how soon you can work

The reality is that Human Resources can only verify employability and suggest potential new hires to their boss. Some issues to avoid are:

  • Appearing self-centered
  • Falsifying information
  • Having the meeting be only about you
  • Not showing interest by asking questions about the company
  • Misrepresenting any facts or events

While getting past HR may not seem easy, it is simply a matter of realizing the people in this department are individuals like you. The people working here are no more important to the company than you would be when you get hired.