Emergency Room Nurse Job Interview Tips


The interview with the prospective employer is the last step to getting an emergency room nurse job. For many candidates, this is something to dread. But if you have an idea what the interview will be like, you can not only prepare for it but excel at it. This article will cover what a job interview for an emergency room nurse is like.

Basic tips and etiquette

There are some aspects of the interview that are common to all job interviews. Obviously,you should be on time. An emergency room job is not a place for tardiness so demonstrate your punctuality right away. Arrive at the interview location about 10 minutes early. If you've never been there before, make sure you know exactly where it is.

Dress conservatively and professionally, preferably in a suit. Avoid too much make-up or jewelry. Greet your interviewer with good eye contact and a strong handshake. Although some nervousness is expected in a job interview, you want to project confidence. Emergency room personnel are expected to be sure about what they are doing. Your demeanor and answers should reflect this.

Background questions

After a brief period where you introduce yourself, this interview will begin in earnest with questions about your background. These will confirm your qualifications for the position and delve into your past. Use these questions as an opportunity to expand on duties you have performed and responsibilities you've held. Examples of such questions might include:

  • What are your educational qualifications for the position?
  • What are some of the previous responsibilities you've held in previous jobs?
  • What was the most difficult situation you've encountered professionally and how did you respond?

Psychological and hypothetical questions

These questions will test your character and problem solving ability. Many will often be in the form of an imaginary situation that you must respond to. These are the most important questions you will answer and require some thought. The following list will give you an idea of what might be asked:

  • How would you handle a struggling and abusive patient in an emergency room situation?
  • If you were in a situation with multiple badly injured victims, how would you go about determining who should get immediate care?
  • If one of your coworkers in the ER was exhibiting odd behavior, how would you react?

Goal-oriented and company-specific questions

You may be asked some questions about what you hope to achieve in the emergency room position. Some questions may be designed to see what you know about the specific hospital or institution you would be working for. You'll want to do some research into the hospital's policies and procedures. Examples may be:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Do you see yourself moving beyond the ER nurse position?
  • Are you familiar with our attendance policies?

Wrapping it up

You will have an opportunity to ask the interviewer questions about the position yourself. Consider those questions carefully. Bring up any additional information that should be considered, such as bilingual ability or technology skills. End the interview by thanking the interviewer and shaking their hand. Send a thank you note regardless of the outcome.

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