Employment Background check

In the current climate of worldwide security threats, it is sensible to do a little background research into the character of a potential employee.

This practice, of background checking, is increasingly, becoming the norm. Background checks are also becoming more intense. The consequence of this is debatable. There are advantages and disadvantages, with background checks, for both the employer and the employee:

It is quite surprising, to some people, that full, background checks are not legally required for all job applicants, especially in these days of global unrest.

Full, background checks are not legally, required for all job-applications. This is quite surprising to some people, especially in these days of global unrest.

Imagine your teenage daughter getting a new job in a major company, only to become the victim of a sex offender with whom she shares her office. Would you have thought, for one moment, that the company employing your daughter would also be employing a sex-offender?

Background checks need to become more thorough, in order to become more accurate and avoid costly, errors of judgement - at the same time, an individual's privacy should, always be respected.