Executive Assistant Job Interview Tips

An executive assistant is supposed to be the right hand of the executive or corporate professional he or she is supporting. An executive assistant must be able, not only to organize information and provide administrative support, but also to anticipate the needs and requirements of the position. A dedicated and committed executive assistant will view his or her support role as a career position, and not a stepping stone to a better position. It is important to remember these, as well as other factors when you are on an executive assistant interview. Here are some great interview practice questions and tips to help you get that job!

1 - Dress to Impress on Your Interview

Even if you know the position does not require corporate attire (a suit), you should wear one. The role of an executive assistant is one of representation. You will be representing the executive you are supporting. You are the gatekeeper, and the first person people speak with over the phone, and meet when they come to the office. It is important to present yourself to your interviewer as a professional person, and though a book shouldn't be judged by its cover, first impressions are critical. Being well dressed for your interview will reflect your professionalism, and will reflect the importance of the position to you.

2 - Bring Multiple Copies of Your Resume

Do not show up to the interview without multiple copies of your resume neatly on hand. Often times during an interview you will meet with multiple people, and they may not all of brought, or seen a copy of your resume. By neatly carrying copies with you, you present yourself as proactive, organized, and able to anticipate potential needs. These are all qualities necessary in an executive assistant.

3 - Practice for the Interview

Some interviews are very casual, and some are more formal, so you can never be too prepared. Here are some basic interview questions that you should practice because they are bound to pop up, and a well thought out answer always makes the best response.

What are your strongest qualities?... As an executive assistant, you should discuss your ability to provide support to your boss, your organizational skills, your interpersonal skills, your ability to handle high stress situations, and anything else you feel is noteworthy to the position. It is also a great idea to give relevant examples of how you have illustrated these qualities.

What are your weakest qualities?... This is often a difficult question for people to answer. It is important to remember the position for which you are interviewing. One response to this question might be that you sometimes have the tendency to want to do it all. By giving a response like this, you aren't saying anything negative. An executive assistant is supposed to do it all for his or her boss. This response will demonstrate that you are a person with motivation and drive.

Why do you want to be an executive assistant?... Here is where you have to remember that people don't like hiring assistants that they think will leave in a year for something bigger and better. Make sure that you reflect your desire to make this a career because you enjoy being in a support role.