Flight Attendant Interview Tips

The chances of succeeding in a flight attendant interview increase tenfold if you have prepared for it meticulously. A flight attendant invariably should have a professional appearance, possess the required qualifications, contain something in their hospitality background, have positive body language and retain the ability to absorb and process information readily. However, occupying all these qualities alone is not enough. Please follow the steps below to sparkle during the interview.

Interview Preparation

Once you have cleared the initial screening process and are invited for a personal interview, start researching the company’s work culture and other relevant information. Internet, magazines, and newspapers are some of the various resources you can rely on. Since appearance plays an important role in the selection process, decide in advance which clothes you will be wearing on this day. Do not forget to carry all the requested documents (resume, credentials and photographs) to the interview.

The Short Time before the Interview

Reaching the venue in advance can create a good impression on the interview coordinator. Do not get impatient if you are kept waiting longer than expected. This might be one of the strategies of the interview panel to test your tolerance levels and patience. Be polite with everyone around you as someone might be mentally recording your social behavior. All these things are important because a flight attendant needs to be tolerant in difficult, unpredictable and annoying situations. Their absence becomes apparent in social surroundings, like an interview setting.

During the Interview

Once your name has been called out and are asked to proceed towards the interview room, make sure nothing is amiss in your appearance. Once you are seated in front of the interviewer (s), have a pleasant smile on your face and wait for the panelist(s) to commence the interview.

Usually, the first question hurled towards you is very general in nature to make you comfortable, which is “Tell me/us something about yourself?” Remember, though the question may seem straightforward, the answer to this question is very open ended and may lead to many more questions. Hence, prepare (not rehearse) a relevant answer ahead of time.

Questions asked during the interview are mainly asked to determine if you fit into the company’s work culture and if you have all the required qualities to handle this stressful position and high person to person contact. The following are some typical questions asked during flight attendant interviews –

  • How would you handle a dispute between two passengers regarding seats?
  • What steps you will take if you find one passenger is deliberately rude to his co-passenger?
  • How would you react if one of the passengers misbehaves with one of your colleagues?
  • What will you do if there is a medical emergency during the flight?
  • What will you do in case of hostage situation onboard?

These are very specific questions and need to be answered in a careful and logical fashion. If you are answering rehearsed lines, the interviewers will notice it. Therefore, talk to experienced people or do some research on the internet for guidance.