Get prospective employers attention

If you are a job-seeker your main aim should be to get the attention of as many prospective recruiters as possible. There are many ways to do this. Let us look at a few of the best possibilities:

1. Have a web-formatted resume posted on the Net. This would simplify the matter when you would like your prospective employee to look you up. Remember, this online resume (just as a hard copy version) should not exceed two pages. However, you could add as many links you would like highlighting and describing in detail all your achievements, i.e. your certificates,your appreciation letters, your publications, special reports (only if they are not confidential), papers submitted at conferences/ seminars/ workshops, etc. With this option, you would need to direct the recruiter to your website. It is possible that the prospective recruiter finds your web-formatted resume himself/ herself via the web search. However, to enable this, your web page should be exceedingly well optimized with relevant keywords.

2. Upload your correctly formatted resume in all the major job-search engines (such as and the like because most of the recruiters first search these types of databases for their needs. Your web-format resume should then be uploaded in as many specially tailored' formats as possible, (i.e. written to highlight your administrational skills for administration positions; highlight your marketing skills and achievements for marketing positions; highlight your managerial skills for a managerial positions, etc). In this manner, you would have multiplied your chances to be discovered by the recruiter.

3. Use the latest formats. Html, according to many people, is a little passe. Hence, you need to educate yourself in the latest web language and tools to create not only a professional looking website/ online resume, but also one that is searchable. Both of these properties are of utmost importance, since unless it is using the latest technology it might be by-passed by the people who matter, and if it is not searchable it might not be found at all. The simple text format used for web-formatted resumes is now being slowly pushed out by the rich text format. Look out for the latest developments and try to apply the latest technology to your internet-based resume ' whether it is a web-based resume or one that is uploaded on the popular job sites.

4. Upload your online resume or CV on the websites of your favorite/dream organizations. Most of the organizations today allow people to upload their CVs in their database for further reference. This is one excellent way to catch the attention of the recruiters in the right niche, since you are choosing where to leave your CV. Just ensure that your web-formatted resume or CV is full of the correct keywords. For example, if you are looking for a marketing job, it should have plenty of marketing' related words peppered in the resume. You could also upload more than one online formatted document, written with different focus (and keywords) if you want to be considered for other jobs in that company as well. Ensure that the basics you state are the same ' just highlighted differently ' lest the recruiter checks it closely and finds any discrepancies.