Getting info about how the interview went.

Though it is ideal to be able to get an instant interview feedback on the way an interview was given, it seldom happens. Every candidate at the end has the same question in mind at the time of exit - 'did I make it'? Though in reality, the gut feeling will tell you whether you scored high or low, you still hope that you did it.

How to really find out whether you did well or not before the results are out? You have the follow-up option which is best done two-three days later when you can call up and ask the interviewer for feedback. Sometimes you come up with a blank interview feedback such as, 'we will inform you over mail' or 'results will be announced shortly/ on so-and-so date'. Do not be deterred if this happens. You can answer that you hoped you were the chosen one, and reiterate that you would be very interested to have his/her feedback so you could do better next time.

The truth which is revealed through the interview feedback can be very frustrating sometimes and you should be prepared for it. In case someone else was chosen, your candidature will be refused summarily on things like 'not the right kind of experience or attitude', 'found someone more suitable', 'some criteria do not match requirements' and so on. It is painful enough to hear about rejection; it is even more painful to be summarily rejected.

In such cases a polite request for the interview feedback most of the times is deemed with an answer. Be careful not to ignore this feedback however unfair you think it is at that time. The fact that someone else was chosen over you shows that somebody else did a better job at convincing that they were the best match. You cannot identify this point accurately, but you at least could be aware about what they were looking at when they rejected your application.

Hence, accept the feedback with the seriousness it is due. Write it down if possible, and go through it a couple of days later when you are able to be more objective about the whole affair. Learn from it. Move on. Do not mop on the near-misses even if it is your dream job. Once it is gone, it is gone. You can still prepare for a next opportunity in the same place later when the next opportunity arises.

When asking the interview feedback, whatever be the answer, be sure you inform the interviewer that you would be happy to audition again if another opening came up, and that you have a high preference for the company. A good polite request for feedback in the face of rejection and a well verbalized disappointment would actually provide you with a truthful feedback and a lot of good advice for future opportunities. Whatever be the feedback, while receiving it abstain from defending yourself in anyway. The feedback is not in any a re-consideration of the interview and hence you will end up only annoying the interviewer, asking for an argument.

Remember to thank the interviewer for his/her time and comments. Once you have the interview feedback, be sure you work on whatever is the problem whether real or assumed by the interviewer so that the same effects are not repeated in your next interview. This is the best outcome of a feedback - your possibility to improve.